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10 Great Surveying Tips from the pro's who know!

In every industry, there's always specific knowledge that is revealed over time. We tapped some industry pro's to find out what they feel are some of the best tips we can all use when doing our work.

1. Bring more just in case.

It almost never fails, we get a job, it appears to be small, so we pack lightly with the essentials, but as soon as we get to the site, BOOM, we're missing a few things. Always pack a gear bag with everything you might need that's small enough to get the job done. Tape, knives, scissors, line, all of the essentials to do even the smallest job.

2. Like mom always said, dress right!

Weather is something we try to predict, but it's never quite right. Even if it feels dumb, add the proper clothing to your gear bag so you're not caught short. A light jacket, rain gear, proper hat, etc. You're mom will be proud and you'll look like a genius!

3. Bring canned air or shop vac

We've all been there, walk up to a marker and it's buried or covered up making reading it next to impossible. That's why having the right gear to clean it up fast speeds up the process.

4. Got something to write with?

Field notes are our friends. So be prepared with multiple writing tools. Pencils, pens, pads. Nothing is more frustrating besides not having something to write with in the middle of nowhere. Stock up. And if you think jotting "notes" on your smartphone is smart...well, not so much.

5. Can you see me now?

Your job can take you out into places far off the beaten track. Carry a reflective mirror or flashlight or anything you can use to signal people who are far away. Remember, phone signals aren't everywhere, and walkie talkies aren't always in range. So a reflective source can save the day, and night!

6. Are your hands free?

When you work, you have a lot to juggle. That's why belts, holsters, satchels can all give you the freedom to use your hands without trying to always grab for things. And a lot of times, the ground around you isn't the best place to set your valuable equipment down either. So move more efficiently with gear holders.

7. Metal detectors?

Makes perfect sense. So many markers are made of metal and are often obscured or buried. If you have what you feel is the right location, and see nothing, pop out the handheld metal detector wand and you're good to go!

8. Do you play well with others?

Sure, your job can be mostly you with no one else. But many times, there's a team of other workers around, so be a team player. Not only does it make your job more enjoyable, it also builds a great reputation for you, which in the end could mean even more work!

9. Got "Rhythm?"

What's that mean? Well, do you have a process for what you do? Faster success means having your own process for specific work sites to get the job done efficiently. Always have a plan before you show up and watch how quickly and correctly your job is executed.

10. Seco Precision products?

Yeah! We're the 500lb. gorilla in this field offering the most complete line of professional gear you could have. Start and end with Seco, and you'll be prepared to do your job with ease and total professionalism! We appreciate ALL of you hard working folks, and we're always here to help.


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