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Utility Bags

Construction-Style Tool Pouch_.png

When it comes to utility players, add this to your bench!

Construction-Style Tool Pouch 

PN: 8046-20-ORG

Construction-Style Tool Pouch_.png
  • Featuring 11 x 7-inch (28 x 18 cm) main compartment plus a 6 x 4 inch (15 x 10 cm) pouch for spikes and nails

  • Also featuring slots for crayons and markers, plus a loop for axes or hammers

  • Manufactured with super-tough Rhinotek™ in combination with popular Cordura® fabric

  • Both fabrics work together to provide exceptional strength and durability

  • Rhinotek is an abrasion-resistant fabric that is coated with a special patent-pending formula that allows the fabric to withstand abrasions, tears, and the most extreme temperatures and weather conditions

  • Both compartments are lined with Rhinotek

  • Orange

  • Weighs 0.40 lb (0.18 kg)

Heavy Duty Collapsible Bucket Bag

PN: 8095-20-ORG

Heavy Duty Collapsible Bucket Bag.png
  • Features include an outside pocket with a Velcro closure and 2 inch straps made with heavy-duty webbing

  • Also features a Rhinotek and leather reinforced bottom

  • Measures 10.25 x 15 inches (26 x 38 cm)

  • Orange

  • Weighs 1.30 lb (0.59 kg)

MiFi Hotspot Case

PN: 8143-40-FLY

MiFi Hotspot Case.png
  • The MiFi Hotspot Case secures any MiFi unit to any GNSS survey pole or prism pole

  • Constructed of heavy-duty Cordura®

  • Easily attaches to a GNSS or prism pole with the metal clamp on case

  • This pouch stays in place; it will not slip down the pole

  • Features a window to clearly view the installed unit activity

  • Works with all MiFi Hotspots and most smart phones on the market today

  • A Velcro strap keeps unit safely inside clear pouch

  • Inside dimensions 6 x 4.25 inches (15.24 x 10.8 cm)

  • Comes in fluorescent yellow

  • Weighs 0.35 lb (0.16 kg)

Spray Can Holder with Pockets.png

Spray Can Holder with Pockets

PN: 8098-10-ORG

  • The SECO Spray Can Holder has pockets which will hold a folding ruler pocket with Velcro safety strap; two large marker pens; other pens, pencils, etc

  • Made of strong 1000D Cordura and will resist tears and abrasions

  • Paint can pocket now has a Velcro safety strap

  • The can pocket opening is lined with a stiffener for easy in and out

  • The main body also features a heavy-duty, 2-in-wide belt loop

  • Will hold a standard paint can (or two 12 ounce drink cans)

  • Orange with khaki trim

  • Weighs 0.10 lb (0.05 kg)

Flagging Dispenser.png

Flagging Dispenser

PN: 8025-00-ORG

  • Holds four rolls of flagging

  • Includes a belt strap that allows the dispenser to be carried around the waist or over the shoulder

  • Weighs 0.34 lb (0.15 kg)

Large Controllers Case.png

Large Controllers Case

PN: 8142-01-ORG

  • This case fits most large controllers like the Ranger™ series, Allegro, TSC2™, etc

  • The case is padded with 0.25 in 1000D Cordura® material with khaki trim

  • Features a Velcro® flap closure, belt loop and shoulder strap

  • The main compartment of the case measures 10.25 x 5.25 x 2 in (26 x 13.3 x 5 cm)

  • The outside pocket is 6 x 5 in (15 x 12.7 cm)

  • Orange

  • Weighs 0.35 lb (0.16 kg)

Spray Can Holder

PN: 8098-00-ORG

Spray Can Holder.png
  • This spray can holder is constructed of heavy duty nylon Cordura® and a nylon webbing belt loop

  • Holds a paint can on hip for easy and convenient access

  • Orange

  • Weighs 0.14 lb (0.06 kg)

Surveyor’s Tool Pouch with Belt.png

Surveyor’s Tool Pouch with Belt

PN: 8046-30-ORG

  • Features a 9 x 2 x 11-inch (22.9 x 5.1 x 27.9-cm) pocket with two vent grommets

  • The webbed belt adjusts to a 50 inch (127 cm) waist

  • The large pocket is lined with two layers of 1000D Cordura®

  • A smaller pocket on the front is made of durable Rhinotek

  • Other features include a hammer loop and marker storage

  • Orange

  • Weighs 1.05 lb (0.48 kg)

Ask about our complete line!

Hydration Pack 

PN: 8125-60-FOR

Hydration Pack.png
  • Length 20 inches (50.8 cm)

  • Width 8 inches (20.32 cm)

  • Chest strap with side release buckle

  • 3-inch wide fabric with 2-inch wide reflective tape (same as safety vest)

  • 1-inch wide polypropylene webbing allows shoulder straps to adjust

  • Cordura Nylon, 1000D is bonded to the 1/4-inch back padding

  • Bladder size 2.5 liters (84.5 fl oz)  Replacement bladder available, PN BLADDER-L-BLU-T

  • When bladder is completely full, the hydration pack is 5 inches (12.7 cm) thick

  • Neoprene sleeve surrounds the hydration tube

  • Mod-U-Lox® keeps hydration tube secure on either strap, allowing access to the bite valve for either right or left handed use (one on each side)

  • Weighs (without water) 1.20 lb (0.54 kg)

  • Weighs (with water) 6.70 lb (3.03 kg)

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