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Optical Instruments

One of the most important components to help you get the job done right.


The benefits of optical Instruments.

They are used in a variety of jobs where layout is performed and an accurate, level reference is needed. Jobs such as, installing ceiling tiles, installing chair railings in a dining room, installing receptacles for power within a home under construction. Some tasks are small, such as hanging pictures in a level fashion across a living room wall. Some tasks are large, such as installing sewer pipe or handling a site grading plan for a new building.


Indoor Applications of Levels

  • Align and plumb your walls

  • Leveling floors

  • Attach your laser to a wall or ceiling mount for easy drop ceiling installation

  • Easily check door or window heights

  • Installing drop ceilings

  • Install chair rails and wainscoting in your home

  • Align shelves, cabinets and trim

  • Use a tripod for easy installation and alignment of cabinets, chair rails, etc


Outdoor Applications of Levels

  • Any type of basic surveys

  • Lasers easily check and level posts and beams on decks, fences and porches

  • Masonry alignment

  • Site layout

  • Easily check land elevations

  • Lasers with a slope capability can set grade for proper drainage and irrigation

  • Align fences, posts and decks

  • Establishing grades

  • Contour farming or drainage

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