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Bipods & Tripods

One of the most important components to help you get the job done right.

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Choosing the right bipod or tripod.

The Role Of 3D Laser Scanner Tripods

3D Laser Scanner Tripods are useful in all inaccessible places when is necessary to have scans at different heights, removing shadows and obstacles, for example buildings, alleys and courtyards.


Of course, the accuracy of the image and scan depends on how steady the scanner is. Even a slight shake can render the scan useless.


Choosing A 3D Laser Scanner Tripod

Purchasing a tripod should be seen as an investment. There are several things you need to consider before committing to buy:


Tripod easy to use, short setup and uninstall time (approxymately10 min), easy movement among scanning stations, significant increase of the 3D Laser Scanner measuring range.


The important factor is how mobile do you need your tripod to be?

This means to spend less time for setting up the tripod with 3d laser scanner each time before you can scan.

However, if you opt for a 'Mobile Type' you’ll find they can have tripods with braking wheels included. This minimizes the time you spend to move between the scan sessions and maximizes productivity.

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