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Accessories & Stuff

We've got all the accessories you need to do the job fast, smart and right.

Alligator Clamp Prism Pole Tripod.png

Alligator Clamp Prism Pole Tripod

PN: 5214-00

  • The tripod features a ball-and-socket head, which makes leveling a bubble easy

  • The rubberized jaws hold a pole (up to 2 inch OD) firmly in place

  • Telescopic legs extend from 80 cm (2.62 ft) to 127 cm (4.17 ft) 

  • Weighs 2.65 lb (1.20 kg)

Bipod Conversion Assembly

PN: 5218-06   PN: 5218-06-RED   

PN: 5218-06-YEL   PN: 5218-06-FLO

Bipod Conversion Assembly.png

This assembly easily converts your existing prism/range pole bipod to a prism/range pole tripod when extra stability is needed! 

  • Easy to attach or remove with our “open clamp” design 

  • Operation is exactly the same as a one piece Pole Tripod 

  • Same construction as the third leg on a Pole Tripod 

  • Colors available: Red, Yellow, Flo Yellow & Floe Orange 

  • Weighs 1.85 lbs (0.84 kg)

Bipod Leg Clip.png

Bipod Leg Clip

PN: 5217-30

  • The bipod leg clip easily attaches to the base of any 1.25 inch O.D. prism or antenna pole 

  • The bipod legs snap into the clip making the system convenient for transport or storage 

  • Weighs 0.04 lb (0.02 kg)

Mini Tripod with 12-inch Legs.png

Bipod Leg Clip

PN: 5218-15-ABK

  • This tripod is ideal for use with poles under 24 inches long 1-to-1.5 inch (25.4-to-38.1 mm) diameter poles thread easily through the open clamp on top 

  • Legs are a fixed length of 12 inches each 

  • Include stainless steel clamp screw and rubber tips 

  • Weighs 1.30 lb (0.6 kg)

  • Mini-pole shown in picture is not included

40 Minute Level

PN: 2072-050

40 Minute Level.png
  • This durable all-aluminum vial features 5/8 x 11 threads

  • Leveling a monument adapter (#2072) is simple: attach, level, rotate 180° to check calibration

  • Weighs 0.30 lb (0.14 kg)

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