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Crain 2 m GPS Fiberglass Pole with 42-second ARC


  • Crains revolutionary line of GPS Poles include the only poles on the market that combine convenience with functionality
  • The 2 Meter Fixed-Height GPS Pole is made from Composite Fiberglass
  • Composite Fiberglass is very durable, lightweight, non-conductive and has an insignificant coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Innovative new Topo-Boot protects the point and increases the area for topo shots
  • Topo-Boot stores conveniently under the level vial when not in use
  • Stedi-Rest, a multi-functional tool, can be used for many applications, including a level vial checker, equipment protector, and a pole holder
  • All Crain GPS Poles come with a standard 42 arc second level vial
  • The most common, 42 arc second level vials can be plumbed by hand
  • All GPS Poles have a standard one-year warranty
  • Weighs 2 lbs (1.71 kg)
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