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12 ft QLV Pole with 8 Second Vial


  • The QLV (Quick Lever with Vial) locking assembly keeps the high-vis 8-minute vial on the lock itself, out of the way of other accessories like data collector clamps and bipods that need space on the pole
  • The telescoping pole with the QLV™ locking mechanisms are fast and simple to use, its also simple to service
  • The high-vis vial features 8-minute sensitivity (other bubbles available) and easy access top screws for quick calibration
  • The QLV poles utilize the newest lightweight metal hybrid
  • Adjustable Tip
  • Dual Grad (0.01 ft/cm)
  • 12.00 ft (3.65 m) extended, 5.30 ft (1.65 m) closed
  • Weigh approximately 4.05 lb (1.83 kg)
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