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Apache Bullseye 6 Machine Control Laser Receiver with Rechargeable NIMH Battery - Red


  • Features Rechargeable NIMH Batteries
  • Angle compensation automatically calculates and corrects the grade display for the angle of the dipper arm
  • Check grade with the dipper arm extended or retracted up to 30 degrees
  • Plumb indication built in - for quick and accurate grade checking for excavators and backhoes
  • Center On-grade - for grading operations - use on dozers, graders, scrapers, box blades
  • Offset On-grade - for productive excavation
  • 4 selectable accuracies for each on-grade location
  • Up to 8 channels of grade information plus directional out of beam indicators
  • Use as a stand alone display receiver or combine with the optional RD15 Remote Display (#ATI991570-02)
  • Red Hardware
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