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Digital Electronic Theodolite


    • The Spectra Precision DET-2 digital electronic theodolite gives you accurate measurements in an affordable, versatile, easy to use platform
    • Offers dual displays and controls for easy accessibility and operation, very large backlit LCD characters for easy reading (also, reduces eye strain and chance for errors), and a host of features and parameters normally found on much higher priced instruments
    • Fast investment payback is the goal of the Spectra Precision DET-2
    • With its 2-second accuracy (1- or 5-second selectable display readings) and vertical axis compensation, it can handle any construction job
    • Operating costs are kept low with the included rechargeable battery pack and charger
    • A backup alkaline pack holding four standard AA batteries is also included
    • Able to be fully customized for your preferred operating style or job, with programmable settings for the horizontal angle resolution and beep, vertical degrees or %, automatic shutoff (to save battery life), and zenith angle
    • Includes a built-in reticle illuminator that allows you to work inside buildings and other environments with little or no light, such as near dawn or dusk
    • You can count on working in difficult conditions with an environmental rating of IP-54 making it water and dust-proof
    • Comes equipped with a plumb bob, NiMH rechargeable battery pack and charger, alkaline battery pack, adjustment tools, rain hood, multi-language user guide, and hard-shell carrying case
    • Accurate enough for any job, yet the display resolution can be tailored to any operator’s preferences for fast readings
    • Vertical axis compensation can be turned on or off depending on the operator or job
    • Programmable settings for the horizontal angle resolution and beep, vertical degrees or percent are easy to configure
    • The recharge kit reduces operating costs and downtime
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