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Trimble LEAP GNSS Receiver


  • Delivering accuracy <1 meter throughout the world with cellular and RTX connection without a base station (including 60 days of RTX and 1 year subscription to TNP Leap Connect)
  • Pairs directly via Bluetooth with Android devices (iPhone and iPad coming soon)
  • Ability to collect high-accuracy information in the field and instantly send data back to the main office
  • Data can then be viewed online and exported in common file formats to use in other software
  • Collect markers, tracks, videos, audio recordings and photos in the field with included mobile app
  • IP62 rating and runs up to 16 hours
  • Can be handheld or pole mounted
  • Ability to collect positions in three modes; RTX Mode: Better than one meter with a real-time Trimble RTX subscription (requires a cellular data connection), DGPS Mode: 1 to 3 meters*, or Stand Alone Mode: 2 to 3 meters (SBAS); 3 to 5 meters (GPS)
  • GNSS Leap Kit includes; GNSS Receiver, phone mount, 5/8 x 11 pole mount, and USB charging cable (phone not included)
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