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Terrain Navigator Standard to Pro Upgrade


    • Upgrade from the standard version of Terrain Navigator to the Terrain Navigator Pro.
    • This will include the following features;
        • Aerial Photos via the Internet: Use aerial photos the same way you use maps, including printing and adding notes
        • Street Address: Quickly find and display street addresses on maps and aerial photos
        • GeoPins: Organize documents (digital photos, spreadsheets, even web pages) by dragging and dropping file shortcuts onto maps and aerial photos
        • GeoTips: Automatically label maps and aerial photos with street addresses, coordinates, elevations, grades and areas
        • GIS and CAD Export: Export Maps, Aerial Photos, Elevation Models and Shapefiles to GIS and CAD programs including ArcGIS, AutoCAD, Microstation, MapInfo and Intergraph
        • Print on Large Format Printers
        • NGS Benchmarks and and up-to-date Recovery Sheets
        • State Plane Coordinates
        • Advanced Software Tools Including range rings, area fills, line-of-sight height offsets, customizable on-screen grids and PLSS bearings
        • Township / Range
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