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Propeller AeroPoints


Each AeroPoint is a portable, reusable ground control point that repeatedly records positioning data while your drone flies.
    • 45 minutes to Accuracy: AeroPoints’ in-built GPS only needs 45 minutes of activation, well within typical drone operation time
    • Lightweight and durable with simple one-touch operation: a standard set of 10
    • AeroPoints can be placed around a survey area in minutes
    • Works with any GPS-enabled drone model, including those with onboard RTK
    • Works with the Propeller Aerial Data Platform as well as any other platform for visualizing drone data
    • Works with your grid: including nonstandard and local grid coordinate systems, using a Point Pair file that translates your grid into a coordinate reference system
    • Global accuracy of 2 cm when using the Propeller Corrections Network, a known point (even local grid) or RINEX Data
NOTE: This product does not qualify for Free Freight Shipping
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